The Stephens Institute for Engineering Sciences Ltd. situates towards the evolving advancements in interdisciplinary academic specializations of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The proper scientists, technologists, and engineers will cultivate innovative ideas that will properly educate, discover, and develop ground breaking inventions while maintaining the time aspects to embark on these challenging visions. This Institute will stand at the forefront to redefine our communities  - to advance education, to advance science.

Fundraising Program: STEM Education in Silicon Valley

Our Team

We are very proud that our core team has an effective quality of service which reflects into the community. It is this continuity that allows us to consistently provide the innovation for advancing education.

Take a look behind the scenes and get to know the leaders of The Stephens Institute for Engineering Sciences Ltd.

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  • To allocate funding for an educational program in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to prepare all students K-12 for A-G college Requirements
  • To provide STEM elective curriculum, scholarships, seminars, college tours, company tours, and holistic education to further advance educational goals for college bound students
  • To expose the public to real-world careers, professionals, and hands on training to gain a better understanding of how to apply STEM concepts to real world applications.
  • To create a robust mind set built on repetitive disciplined habits for furthering education in STEM by developing team work, inspiration, confidence, leadership & life skills.

The STEM Facility

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